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The first group of scholarships is presented from monies under the management of the Manchester Essex Education Fund.  The Manchester Essex Education Fund is a non-profit organization that awards scholarships to graduating seniors of Manchester Essex Regional High School. Contributions are sincerely appreciated. If you would like more information concerning the Education Fund, please contact the Fund through the Gloucester branch of the Cape Ann Savings Bank at 978-283-7079.

The Friends of the Manchester Education Fund Scholarships
These scholarship awards are made possible through the generosity of the Friends of theManchester Education Fund. They are awarded to young people who exemplify the qualities of character, integrity and scholarship.
Sam Adams Service Award Scholarship
The Sam Adams Scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior member/resident of the MERSD. The award will be given to a student-athlete who has maintained a 3.0 GPA or better. The candidate demonstrates intellectual curiosity, leadership potential and capacity for promoting responsible civic engagement. This candidate should possess humility, sound judgment and unwavering character, especially when no one is watching. The applicant should be a steady, reliable member of his/her athletic team and school community.
The Ananian Family Scholarships
The Ananian family is pleased to award annually scholarships to students in the graduating class who will be attending a four year college. Richard Ananian worked for 36 years in the Manchester schools as a teacher, coach and counselor.  The Ananian children, Alexander, Laura and Nicole all prospered in the nurturing environment of the Manchester High School and were awarded scholarships funded by monies through the Manchester Education Fund.  The recipients this year are academically high achieving student athletes who have also made an outstanding commitment to citizenship and community service.
The Nathaniel C. Andrews Scholarship
A scholarship is awarded in memory of Nathaniel C. Andrews by his family.  It is presented to a young person who plans to pursue a career in the technical field.
The Timothy C. Averill Debate Education Fund Scholarships
The Timothy C. Averill Debate Education Fund scholarships are given in recognition of both excellence in achievement and longevity of commitment to the debate team and the activity in general. It is given to students who have participated actively in debate, who have given their time in service of the team, and who have been strong representatives of the debate team at home and on the road. For more information, visit The Timothy C. Averill Debate Education Fund website.
The Jennie P. Brown Memorial Scholarship
The Jennie P. Brown Memorial Scholarship was established in 1999 by the Brown Family in loving memory of long-time Manchester resident and youth supporter, Jennie Brown. This scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduate who plans to attend college or trade school. Consideration is given to academic achievement and participation in extracurricular activities. Special consideration is given to those students who have demonstrated a commitment to extracurricular activities, including community service. This is the 19th year that this scholarship will be awarded.
The Richard L. Coburn Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is given in loving memory of Richard Landon Coburn, a 1978 graduate of Manchester High School. A warm, kind, and gregarious young man with great concern for his fellow man, Richard’s lifelong wish was to become an asset to his community. Through this scholarship he will have achieved his goal.

The Abbie Cragg Eaton Memorial Scholarship
The Abbie Cragg Eaton Memorial Scholarship is presented by the Eaton family and is awarded to a graduating senior who plans to pursue a career in education.
The Bernice Fiahlo Memorial Scholarship
The family of Bernice Fiahlo is presenting this scholarship to honor her memory to a student pursuing a health-related curriculum in college.
The John and Joanne Graves Community Service Award
Joanne Graves was a longtime advocate for community service and affordable housing in Manchester and across Massachusetts. Joanne believed that people have a responsibility to improve their communities through public service, and that providing opportunities to people in need would be paid back tenfold. She spent her lifetime working to do so, serving on many local and state committees in the constant pursuit of helping others.  Joanne was also a passionate supporter for quality public schools and for the children of Manchester. She was a longtime member and former Chairperson of the Manchester School Committee and for more than thirty years served as a member, treasurer and former president of the Manchester Boosters Club. This award is presented each year to one student whose ongoing involvement in community service best exemplifies the ideals that Joanne so cherished.
The Benjamin Carr Grayden Scholarship
The Benjamin Carr Grayden Scholarship is given in loving memory of Ben Grayden, Class of 2000. Ben is cherished for being playful, unassuming, righteous, steadfast in the face of adversity and generous of spirit. He described himself as simply a hard-worker and a loyal friend. This gift is presented to the graduating senior who most embodies all of these qualities.
The Bernice Baker Lipsett Memorial Scholarships
These scholarships are being awarded in memory of Bernice Baker Lipsett.  For over 65 years, Bernice taught piano and organ to hundreds of Manchester students and shared her musical talent at fundraisers, organizations and as organist and choir director at the First Parish Church congregation for 62 years.  The scholarships go to students who best exemplify the giving/sharing characteristics that Bernice herself had during her lifetime and who will be going on to a higher education in the field of the arts.
The Virginia MacDonald Scholarship
The Virginia MacDonald Scholarship is given in loving memory of Virginia, “Ginger” MacDonald.  Ginger served in the Manchester school system for 23 years as a dedicated, devoted teacher.  She believed in her students, continually reaching out to them to strive for excellence.  The Scholarship is based on the student’s love of, and proficiency in, foreign language and on the qualities of outstanding character and integrity as were exemplified by Ginger.
The Bruce and Alice Magoon Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is presented in loving memory and honor of Bruce and Alice Magoon.  Bruce and Alice served the community and the Manchester School System for over 30 years with devotion, dedication and loyalty. Through their commitment and endeavors, they helped to lead hundreds of young people to their “field of dreams.” The basis for this award which Bruce and Alice exemplified is compassion, integrity, leadership and selflessness. Above all, they believed in the student and encouraged the potential in each one.
The Manchester Athletic Association (MAA) Scholarships
The Manchester Athletic Association was originally founded in 1962 for the purpose of promoting the fundamentals of athleticism, sportsmanship, and competitiveness among the youth in our community and to create an enjoyable learning experience for children. Striving to win was fundamental in MAA programs, but respect for others, teamwork, playing by the rules, and character development, were even more important. The Board of Directors strove to make sure that no child was excluded from our teams for natural talent or financial reasons. After more than 45 years, in December of 2007, there was no longer a need for the organization to continue. The MAA Board, in honor of the countless hours of volunteer service and donations that parents, friends and families contributed, used the remaining funds in its treasury to establish scholarships to be administered by the Manchester Education Fund. These scholarships are awarded each year to graduating student athletes who best exemplify the Manchester Athletic Association’s basic fundamental purposes.
The Manchester Men’s Recreation Association along with the Ralph Kershaw Tournament of Friends Committee - Ralph Kershaw Memorial Scholarship
The Manchester Men’s Recreation Association and the Family and Friends of Ralph Kershaw are pleased to award a scholarship to a graduate who has participated in a sports program in high school in memory of a longtime Manchester resident and basketball enthusiast, Ralph Kershaw.  The award is based on participation and sportsmanship.
The S. Arthur Mears Scholarship
The applicant must be an Essex resident and must be able to demonstrate through past deeds in the community a strong commitment to good citizenship. Specific examples of past and present work within the community are required.
The Samuel Arthur and Jennie Mears Scholarship
The applicant must be an Essex resident and must be able to demonstrate through past deeds in the community a strong commitment to good citizenship.  Specific examples of past and present work within the community are required.
The Jeremiah Noonan Memorial Scholarships
The family and friends of Jeremiah Noonan are proud to present a scholarship to a member of the Class of 2018.  Jerry was the quintessential citizen of Manchester-by-the-Sea. Born at home, aside from two years serving his country during World War II, he never lived anywhere else. Between his lifelong residence, long career in the post office, and service as a call fireman and town assessor, he knew every inch of the town he loved so dearly. An outgoing, gregarious man, Jerry gave his time to numerous local organizations and in several capacities in town government. Jerry was a founding member of the Manchester Education Fund and was chairman at the time of his passing in August 2012.  His life of service—to family, church, community, and nation—is a model for us all.
The Norman P. Ramos Memorial Scholarship
The family of Norman P. Ramos is awarding this scholarship in his name to a student who will pursue a technical field of study in college.
The Zachary Rauseo Memorial Scholarship
The Zachary J. Rauseo scholarship is awarded to a student who embodies the qualities of creativity and independent thinking, a love of the performing arts, a concern for the environment and generosity of the heart.
The Manchester Essex Rotary Club Service Above Self Awards

The Manchester-Essex Rotary Club offers scholarships to students whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) reside in Manchester or Essex, MA.  Ideal candidates are those who embody Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self” either in their school or community demonstrating leadership, integrity and academic success.

M-E Rotary Club is one of more than 34,000 member clubs worldwide. We are neighbors, friends, leaders and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in our local and global communities.

The William Saltonstall Scholarship
In January of 1979, the friends of our neighbor, Bill Saltonstall, raised money and established a permanent Saltonstall Scholarship to be administered by the Manchester Education Fund. The Saltonstall Scholarship is awarded to a student who exemplifies Bill’s qualities of perseverance, sincerity and good will.
The Herbert G. Schlegel Scholarship
The friends and family of Herbert G. Schlegel are pleased to present a scholarship in his name. Herb retired after 38 years of service in the Manchester Schools as an outstanding teacher and coach. The recipient of this scholarship is a young person who exemplifies Herb’s enthusiasm for academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.
The Aaron Sieradzki Memorial Scholarship
The Aaron Sieradzki Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduate who has challenged herself academically.
Gloria Márquez-Sterling Tanner Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is awarded to a student who shows creative potential and plans to continue his/her education in the theater/arts field. This Scholarship is given in loving memory of Gloria Marquez-Sterling Tanner who taught English and drama at Manchester Essex Regional High School for 27 years. She was an award winning director and gifted teacher who often focused on students who showed unique potential in ways not always recognized.
The Donald A. Towle Scholarship
The Donald A. Towle Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 to reward, foster and promote the ideals of service, community spirit, dedication, volunteerism and self sacrifice. The Fund honors the extraordinary commitment of Donald A. Towle to these ideals through his many years of leadership by word and deed as a Member, Scoutmaster and Leader of Troop 3, Boy Scouts of America, Manchester, Massachusetts. This Fund also recognizes his dedication to instilling these values in the young people in our community through his service to the Manchester Playground Program, the Marblehead School System and other similar endeavors. This scholarship is awarded to individuals who embody the ideals of service, community spirit, dedication, volunteerism, and self sacrifice that the Board believes will advance these qualities through future endeavors. The recipient(s) must have or have had a meaningful relationship to Troop 3.
The Sally Weld Memorial Scholarships
The Sally (Sara) Weld Scholarships, given by the Weld family in her memory, are for academic achievement, and for those students who exemplify the qualities of Sally Weld: leadership, caring and selfless generosity. Sally Weld believed in education in Manchester. Through her effort, the Manchester Education Fund, Inc. was founded. She believed in the endeavor to excel and the abilities of students to achieve that excellence.
The Sally Weld Book Stipend
The Sally Weld Book Stipend Award is presented to a student who has maintained academic excellence throughout four years of high school. It is awarded to a student who has pursued Manchester Essex Regional High School’s most rigorous curriculum, and who is a top ranking student in the class.