Create a Scholarship | Manchester Essex Education Fund

The Manchester Essex Education Fund is made up of different scholarships, many of which were established with a specific purpose in mind.  Whether it be a donation from an individual valuing education, a donation honoring a loved one with the wish to continue his or her legacy or a donation from parents who wish to honor a special teacher by having that teacher’s contribution live on with an annual scholarship awarded in the teacher’s name, all donations serve to fund our students’ educational aspirations.

Alternatively, a donor may fund a scholarship on a one or multiple year basis rather than using the endowment approach. This approach allows a donor to create an immediate impact by assisting a current recipient through the gift. To learn more about this option, download our Directors’ Program PDF.

In either case, all gifts are fully tax deductible.

Establishing a scholarship is a simple. Board members can assist you in the naming process, funding mechanism and the criteria on which awards will be given. We can also discuss how recipients will be selected, including the role the donor wishes to play, if any.  If you are interested in establishing a perpetual scholarship or making a commitment to funding a gift for one or multiple years,  please contact us for more information through our Chairman, Jack Abbott, at 978-526-7447.